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 Next Patch feedback?

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Editor (Data-Blancing)

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PostSubject: Next Patch feedback?   Mon Aug 15, 2011 6:42 am

1. Balance Changes (inspired by Tenshi711)

Suggestions i liked (some slightly changed):

Roach: 85 -> 90
Hydra: 100 ->110
Fungal Growth upgrade: 150 -> 180

Reaper: 125 -> 70, amount: 2 ->1
Ghost: 200 -> 220 (enable selling)
Tank: 225 -> 240 (enable selling)

Templar energy upgrade: +25 (cost 110?)
Collos: 430 -> 460
Collos Range upgrade: 250 -> 210

2. Selling Buildings

Are you guys fine with the new selling system? I could make refund to 60/50/40%
I dont know there are a lot of oppionion out there about this...

Would be nice to get some feedback before i publish the patch at the weekend Wink

hf Sylon x)
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Quality Poster
Quality Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   Mon Aug 15, 2011 9:36 am

Pretty good changes, i'd also like to share my current opinion (in the form of a changelist)


- Marine: cost: 105 -> 110, shield cost: 75 -> 100 (mass marine is unbeatable early)
- Marauder: cost: 125 -> 120 (they don't even counter blink stalkers effectively, now that's sad)
- Stimpack: T1 -> T2 (too powerful early on)
- Reaper: i think it should stay double... but cost: 125 -> 135 (double means it's less of a waste of space, but it needs higher cost)
- Infantry upgrades: cost: 100 - 125 - 175 -> 125 - 150 - 200 (they do insane DPS, and a lot of them even scale)

- Hellion: cost: 100 -> 90, blue flame cost: 150 -> 100 (they are only marginally useful)
- Thor: cannons: range 7 -> 9, half damage + other half vs massive, stun disabled on buildings (building stun is just wrong, also the cannons short range makes thros suicidal. And they should not kill immortals so fast)
- Viking: make it a bit slower (so it stays behind other units), make them consider colossus as other air threats and fly up
- Medivac energy upgrade: cost: ??? -> 25 (no need to be more expensive than that)
- Raven turret range upgrade: cost: 50 -> 25 (same)

- Battlecruiser: Yamato Gun Damage: 150 can cast in on VR-s and vikings as well, half charge up time (should not one shot corruptors, but should take less time to actually hurt something)


- Sentry: cost: 100 -> 110 (hallucination is too powerful)
- Dark Templar: add charge, cost: 200 -> 175 (they are useless)
- Archon: cost: 340 -> 330, +bio damage changed to +light (no need to be biased vs zerg)
- Templar: reduce cooldown on both spells (feedback: 3 sec, storm: 10 sec) (they are hardly useful, they never ever pull out a second storm vs competent players)
- Amulet: cost: 125
- Phoenix: make it ignore ground targets (like other AA units) (they are very marginally useful)

- Colossus: cost: 430 -> 450 (too powerful)
- Carrier: (warning, major redesign) make interceptors shootable, creates interceptors every 5 seconds (this could include a DPS adjustion, as well - this change is maybe not for next patch, but if Broodlords work how they do in the normal game - creating an ai blocking broodling every 2 sec - i don't see why carriers should not - this also makes it possible for terran to counter them with marines)
- Shield upgrades cost: 150 - 200 - 250 -> 175 - 250 - 300 (to offset archons a bit, also they affect every unit, so it should be expensive)
- Air upgrades cost: 175 - 250 - 325 -> 150 - 225 - 275 (too expensive)


- Banelings: damage: 20 + 15 -> 30 + 20, add outer circles of splash: 100% in 0.75, 50% in 1.5, 25% in 2.25 (IMO the only way to balance this unit vs both terran and toss, that 100% across all splash is just silly)
- Roach: can you make them do the burrow micro once tunneling claws is researched? (damaged -> burrow -> keep distance to units with dummy attack like observer -> back to 100% hp, and there are enemies nearby -> unburrow) It'd be really cool. IMO cost is fine. (this change can wait ofc)
- Queen: add +2 sec cooldown on healing (it'd be better if it was just replaced with something else, though), AA damage: 9 -> 12, also, remove those carrots!

- Hydralisk: cost: 100 -> 110 (or make it itno SC1 hydralisk with 140 cost, 2 spawn, 5+5vs armor damage and a speed upgrade, could be shared with roach or smth)
- Fungal Growth: make it slow by 50% instead of root, decrease damage (srsly, this is the only splash spell that has identical damage to the normal game) damage: 9 per sec -> 6 per sec (+30% on armored can stay) (no comment, FG is the best spell in the game right now, makes melee useless, reveals stealth, larger area than storm, almost as much damage as storm, even more on armored, no friendly fire)
- Infestor: cost: 275 -> 250 (to compensate for major FG nerf, also this should make NP a tiny bit more useful)

- Ultralisk: add a speed upgrade (at cost of 25), so that you can choose them to move at queen or ling speed (there's a canceled speed upgrade for them - this is to make queen + ultra more viable)

(pertty long list...)

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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   Mon Aug 15, 2011 1:42 pm

I've seen a new exploit with the selling: if allies quit you can select and sell all their buildings and get refunds for them. A replay: 26920 on

Is eliminating exploits planned with this patch?

I'm not sure hydras need changing, they come at T2 which is also the timing for splash spells. I think the roach cost increase will be sufficient to weaken roach hydra.
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Quality Poster
Quality Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   Mon Aug 15, 2011 10:00 pm

When a player leaves the game could just insta-remove all his buildings to prevent selling.

Also Roach + Hydra is pathetic vs terran (mass marines beat them very hard), but quite formidable versus protoss, especially with queens (protoss lack the DPS to out damage those heals). Roaches by themselves are fine, they can be beaten by pure blink stalkers or stalker sentry, and if you tech to t2 immortals eat them for breakfast. It is hydras that pretty much counter all toss units until t3. Also, they take 3 storms to kill.

Selling: i'm mostly fine with it, selling even T1 units is a huge risk (30% loss is huge). I've met guys who did mass marine, sold then switched to BC. My ground army just demolished their main building, and i could still get enough AA to hold the cruisers.

What i'd change about it is to sort the units by risk and general use.

For example marines are zero risk and useful against anything, but reapers are only useful vs light ground. Or zealots get killed by pretty much any unit beyond t1 (or reapers), but stalkers are again zero risk, they are useful versus anything

Marine Refund: 40%
Reaper Refund: 80%
Zealot Refund: 80%
Stalker Refund: 40%

or something like that. Also, updating my long patchlist to include some extra clarifications
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Editor (Data-Blancing)
Editor (Data-Blancing)

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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   Sat Aug 20, 2011 3:22 am

Sry patch will be late, ill publish it tomorrow
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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   Thu Oct 27, 2011 8:18 pm

can it be, that the latest patch on the EU servers ist not on now?
thx Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Next Patch feedback?   

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Next Patch feedback?
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