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 Tournament Organisation + Rulez

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Editor (Data-Blancing)

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PostSubject: Tournament Organisation + Rulez   Fri Jul 01, 2011 4:41 am


All group Matches will be best of 1
Final and 3/4th match will be best of 3

Pleas! Send the charcode + Name of your contact person to icekid or myself (or add us as friends)
We will add all contact persons to a channel in Sc2, where we will announce the next match ups. Pls only the contactperson in the channel or it will get troubelsome to have the overlook over the teams

After a game the contact persons of both teams should send us the result of the game (win/lose/cheater,leaver involved)


1.No leavers (there are still bugs and in some rare cases you might get a rematch, but most likely you are disqualified)
If there a players who get kicked before game start u can get 1-2 instant rematches (damn b-net)

2.Do not abuse bugs or you are disqualified

3.Save the replay (if you are accused of cheating and we can find out the truth there has to be a rematch)

4.No insulting lnguage or u might get diqualified

Dancing units= cheat!!

Edit by Icekid:

How to start up a match?
Both see at the brakets witch guy they would fight next one open up a desert strike game and invite his teammates and the contact person of the oher team. The contact person will suggest his teammates or you give him host rights. wich way you chose yo need decide yourself

for team to team communication pls use privat channels because you will have a hard time to follow the others massages if all teams would use the open channel the open channel are for team to organisator communication and pls only tournament realted things no balance disccusions or off topics because teams migh oversee they follow up matches we annouce
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Editor (Data-Blancing)
Editor (Data-Blancing)

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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Organisation + Rulez   Sat Jul 02, 2011 6:31 am

Cause i got too much spam mail and lost the overwiew:
pleas yust add and messange me if u need to get into the channel invite (only contact persons) : Sylon (charcode: 326)
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Organisation + Rulez   Sat Jul 02, 2011 8:28 am

(I hope its right to write it here)

Team 8: Kinaro, Jeschua, Kahn

won against

Team 7: Eithan, bns, Sammael
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PostSubject: Re: Tournament Organisation + Rulez   

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Tournament Organisation + Rulez
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