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 Tower kill bonus

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PostSubject: Tower kill bonus   Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:31 am

I have a suggestion about the +200 income on the tower kill.

In most games that I played, usually the team who kills the tower (if they are not really idiots), they can easily win the game. That is because by the +200 they get an edge, not to mention holding the middle (because they are already in the other team's field killing the tower). What I mean is, the fact that they killed the enemy tower means they hold the middle which is a great bonus.

Now my suggestion is to instead of giving the +200 to the team who killed the cannon (and hence make them super strong), why don't you give it to the team who just lost the tower so that they would have a chance to retaliate?

Most of the games end up being like this: One team gets the tower, with the bonus they maintain an edge over the other team therefore forever controlling the middle and getting even stronger. Then for 10~15 minutes the losing team struggles near their base to push forward and eventually they lose. If you give the +200 to the losing team however, they would be able to push the attack to the other team's ground and once they get the other team's tower, that team would get the +200 and there would be balance in the game and the team playing better in the long run would win instead of the one getting the cannon first!
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PostSubject: Re: Tower kill bonus   Mon Jun 20, 2011 11:11 pm

Maybe lowering the cannon kill bonus is fine, but giving it to the other team is a very bad idea i guess.

It would call for new strategies like "dont build units and let them kill our cannon, so we can strike back with a complete counter army nearly as the same value as their, because they was getting the mid bonus for a while, but then the cannon bonus equalized it and we know exactly what are their unit composition too" for exapmle.

Btw there is a mechanism in the game, i dont know it has a name or not, so i will call it "The Power Of Survivals" from now.
The Power Of Survivals is when a player is able to handle an opposite player's army and he/she will has remained survivals after that epic battle. These survivals will engage the next opposite player's forces and will weaken them, so the next ally player will has an easier job and he/she will has survivals too, and so on.

Im telling this because if the enemy is able to get to your PF (or cannon) and the PF is able to defend itself, and the defender team will have survivals, then they will can do their thing in the mentioned way and they will be "pushing like a hell" like Jarno Trulli said.

So there is always a chance for a u-turn, unless the enemy team has a much stronger army and the game is already over.

I hope you get what i wanted to mean.

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PostSubject: Re: Tower kill bonus   Tue Jun 21, 2011 1:06 am

I don't think the bonus needs a change.

Yes, early in the game the enemy gets an edge through the bonus (almost free tech to Tier 2). But if you lose the canon early on you're doing something wrong or cheesy anyway (e.g. teching without building units).

Later in game the $200 don't really matter.

So actually the bonus is a good tool to encourage players to build units and actually play the game instead of just teching and massing the strongest units.
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PostSubject: Re: Tower kill bonus   

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Tower kill bonus
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