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 Desert Strike evolves to HotS

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PostSubject: Desert Strike evolves to HotS   Wed Jul 03, 2013 6:11 am

As many of you may have noticed, a new version of Desert Strike has been released by "Tya" which allows players to set unit formations. Personally I miss the feeling of the original Desert Strike. And i believe some of you do as well.
I am a Tester of this original Desert Strike and thus have access to it. With permission of the Editors, I have been working on an update for HotS which keeps the feeling of its predecessor. I have fixed some bugs and added some content myself. Currently it is public on EU-Battlenet servers. I would be glad to receive some feedback of how you like it and what changes you would look forward to Smile

I hope you will enjoy this updated "original" version of Desert Strike!

You can contact me via this forum or through bnet (hanibal 122).


Edit: I almsot forgot Smile its called Desert Strike 1338 Hots
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Desert Strike evolves to HotS
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