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 A few points

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PostSubject: A few points   Tue Jan 01, 2013 12:10 pm

Desert Strike is my favorite mod in SC2.

But few things can be done to improve:

1. More unit variety. I think allowing a bit more unit types is better, units that aren't standard in SC2, but exist in other mods.
2. Try to fix units clumping together, like vikings, mutas, void rays etc. Thors eat them so badly. Not a big issue, sometimes I find it fun.
3. What happened to seeker missiles? BRING EM BACK, they were awesome!
4. Mothership is missing. I know, maybe unbalanced... just make it real expensive.

5. Most importantly!!! MORE MICRO CAPABILITIES. I like being able to emp with ghosts, storm with high templars, when to stim with marines. But more is missing, like controlling yamato cannon, control seeker missiles. Generally allow players to control how they spend the energy of their energy units. Also controlling blink would be great.
I also think it would be fun if you could issue one move command for each unit, so you can micro them a little better in battle. So that you could tell one unit to go back just a little, maybe a maximum distance of 3-4.

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PostSubject: Re: A few points   Thu Apr 11, 2013 5:34 am

let me make this right:

1. Don't add new units! (wait, maybe that mothership ?) Rather try to finish the balancing of the new units you introduced and fix a few annoying things
- Don't fix T2 Units clumping together, it's fine! Maybe fix spawn (make it more deterministic, while fixing that rare army "flanking" splitting bug)
2. Add dance button and hotkey to units where dance possible.
3. See Seeker Missle at Bug Reports
4. So yeah, that Mothership, it won't need a vortex, does it?
5. Yeah micro capabilities sounds nice, but DS is a "lean back" game, and they are optional. And I'm fine how they are autocontrolled for now.
I'd rather wish you, dear Devs, to refactor the interface a little while fixing that Seeker Missle bug.
- Take seeker missle button from side menu, add it to worker tech menu
- Repeat for the other Tech, replace old BuyTechButton, merge where possible
- Remove or fix useless concussive shells
- Remove obsolete sidebar strangly slow opening hacky hidden menu

So in short, a little UI CleanUp to make the game easier to understand and more fun.
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A few points
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