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 Thor atack

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PostSubject: Thor atack   Thu Nov 08, 2012 6:16 am

Thor attack air first
vs marines and medivac thor will kill medivac first
or if thor is not range of pf and there is enemy units it try to attack pf and dont attack units
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Quality Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Thor atack   Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:22 am

Thors' AI is utterly screwed. Back in the last patch, when cannon was not bugged, it was somewhat better, but the urge to cannon (even on 0 energy) makes them suicidal. Their AA is also a drawback, but at least it can be calculated with. I'd also like either an AA range reduction, or a weapon swap (make AA secondary and AG primary). This'd benefit the oh so weak terran T3 somewhat.

I like to call Thors the Terran version of Carriers. Once you get 10+ they are pretty unstoppable, but under that number they are barely even worth it, if the enemy knows how to abuse them.
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Thor atack
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