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 High Templars suck

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PostSubject: High Templars suck   Fri Mar 23, 2012 11:38 am

Hi I would like to suggest to add option to disable storm and feedback in the "Show" box.
Currently there is no high templar to select and deactivate those spells.
My issue is HTs storm on leftovers from previous waves (like zealots swarming over a cannon that would die anyway to it), they misplace storms or all place storms on the same spot (and storm doesn't stack). The unit is just retarded and makes PvT broken but is necessary to make because rushing to colossus takes too much resources. I don't get how in a game where Infestors have such a good AI placing storm by HTs can suck so much.

Thank you for your attention
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PostSubject: Re: High Templars suck   Tue Mar 27, 2012 10:25 pm

You can disable storms or feedback on HT, at least I was able to do it via that ability interface.

I agree though that their AI is for some reason vastly inferior to Infestors. PvT is mostly broken due to the ineffectiveness of P T1 versus Reaper/Marauder combo (Marine Marauder is actually beatable). Once you get to afford 2-3 HT you actually start to get ahead, if they do decent storms and not just storm the empty space ahead of troops (sometimes they do that). Infestors on the other hand never seem to have this problem, they can perfectly place FG on even a very large force of bio ball.

If you compare them to Infestors, they are clearly the inferior unit.
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High Templars suck
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