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 Lurker (unit)

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PostSubject: Re: Lurker (unit)   Sun Dec 30, 2012 12:48 am

ZvT has been broken since forever. Before Lurkers there were Infestors, that kill terran T1 equally well. The only difference between these is that Lurker can be opened with (not that it's a good opener). Terran race is pretty much the worse right now. The only thing they can do is kill toss T1.

Actually if tank siege mode was T2 Terran would have very little problem with lurkers.

We played a lot of Z+T vs T+Z in 2v2 with a few people, and Tanks can actually shut down Zerg T2 really well. Shame that they are T3. Zerg T2 plays even with tanks for a while, then Tanks critical mass hits. Currently it's better to stockpile tanks and tech later to instantly achieve critical mass. It works for a while till zerg amasses enough Broodlords.

The problem is not usually just lurkers itself. It's lurker + queen. Lurkers are easy to kill with marine/marauder with scans, but Queens are the game's best damage absorbers + they are also healers and AA. Ghost would be a possible counter to them if they weren't extremely expensive and if EMP had larger radius. Though it'd make TvP really one sided then. Tanks handle queens decently, but you need a lot of them to be effective, and you can't afford a lot of tanks vs any toss composition. So TvZ is balanceable, but TvZ+P is not.

Banshees were always useless. Any more than 2 is death sentence for you. Even 2 is very risky to build (i pretty much never do it unless I want to insult my opponent... they never get it so why bother...). This game is quite poorly balanced, so if you want to enjoy it on a higher level play toss or zerg (careful with zerg as stupid people can ruin it with overlords).

For me there's only one question that remains: is P+Z or P+Z+Z better (so a bit more or a bit less toss).



PPZ is not bad, but PZT or ZZT can kill it easy. Too much toss = terrans will kill you. Too much terrans = zerg will kill you. Too much zerg = toss T2 will kill you. And remember that Terran late game is useless.

Reason: Zergs shut down terrans and provide early game. Toss shuts down mass lurker play and help deal with late game masses. The goal of PZZ is to get to Broodlord + Immortal + Colossus which is impossible to counter without involving the same units (if you counter with air they just walk under it and rape the everloving feck out of the PF), and then Corruptors and Scouts are crucial to air superiority.



anything else is just bad.

Reason: Immortal/Archon shuts down lurker play really hard. Double zerg does not survive midgame.


Z>All, T>P

Reason: Toss does not survive early game eco losses. Terran gets shut down by lurker or infestor play. PvZ is actually pretty close, since P can do quite the comeback at midgame, but ultimately has no answer to Broodlords. Zerg can win without a single Corruptor (just mass queens and use like 3 Overseers).

OFC it all depends on skill (I have beaten T with P in 1v1, but because he was much less experienced than me). I'm presuming equal skill here.
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Lurker (unit)
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