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 When will you introduce the BOOM ABILITY?

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PostSubject: When will you introduce the BOOM ABILITY?   Thu Oct 20, 2011 1:45 am

Been playing the original desert strike for years and im very happy with your work. Great Job!

To be honest i havent been missing the Boom ability too much.. but cos of some games i have experienced it would help a lot

LEAVERS: In the original it was so that when a player left it would give you an extra boom to buy you some time..

also if somebody in the opposing team left, and lets say all you built was immortals vs stalkers, now the stalkers are gone and ur fighting 2 waves of Void Rays
the Boom Ability would give us just that little bit more time to rearrange our troops.

Gameplay: Sometimes when your having quite an even game you just might loose by a fraction of making an upgrade a little bit too slow, and lets say you all have experienced players
especially marines vs marines... even at the same numbers, if you just a little bit too slow it can make a difference... Boom would give us the opportunity to try that again from the start

Boom doesnt have to be compulsary it should be an option.

If introduced i think there should be a good description of what boom is in the loading screen or in the help menu, or a warning at start of the game...

Remember those new players in the original that would set off the boom right at the start: like "oh i have a civilian ... what if i move it to signal

You just used a BOOM 2 booms left..
and then you would get kicked being called a noob


I know there has been a discussion already about this, but i would like to know whether it would definetly be implemented and´how...
and of course,
what are everybody elses thoughts on this?
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When will you introduce the BOOM ABILITY?
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