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 Stuff I would like to see...

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PostSubject: Stuff I would like to see...   Mon Oct 03, 2011 12:57 pm

This is a comprehensive list of all the ideas I had for this map...

Better spawn mechanics
Spawning takes place along a line instead of one single point. Ideally the line is perpendicular to the axis of the battlefield and is made up of many points. When a unit is spawned chooses one of the points at random, such that when many units spawn they are a bit spread out (smaller numbers of units means fewer points near the middle are used). This helps alleviate some of the ridiculous splashing that goes on when a lucky AOE user gets close to the PF at spawn time. Also spreads out units a bit so they have a better engagement pattern.

There are two spawns! one at the PF, and another slightly behind it (maybe 1-2 cells back), the buildings have a toggle that chooses which spawn their units come out of. This way we have a little bit more control over the arrangement of the force.

Queens place creep tumors
If a queen is standing on creep, and there is no overlord or creep tumor nearby, then the queen will place a creep tumor. This way, queens will slowly make the creep highway wider and more permanent. Overlords will not park themselves near creep tumors though, so together they give an even better spread. As usual, some detection allows the enemy force to destroy the creep tumors.

Each race gets a worker for T2, the workers actually help out! For defensive structures, I envision that the worker follow the army until the engagement, and then it will build the defensive structure right behind them (say, range 12 from nearest enemy). That way, when the tide of combat turns, the defensive structures help to slow the enemy's progress.

Drone: will plant itself down at the end of the creep as a spine crawler, spore crawler, or nydus (randomly selected, or maybe a switch on a building). Crawlers will uproot and crawl to the front of the available creep when no enemies are nearby. Nydus is a T3 upgrade, the zerg army will spawn at the most forward nydus exit.

SCV: repairs mech and structures (protoss stuff included!), builds bunkers and missile turrets. Units that can use bunkers will get in them when nearby, if there is no enemy present, then they get out and keep marching on. Bunker range and capacity upgrades apply!

Probe: Builds pylons! If there are already pylons present, builds photon cannons. Warp-in is a T3 upgrade, once it is researched, the protoss army spawns at the most forward pylon.

Each worker will build one structure before rejoining the army until death. In particular, when a pylon is built, it is a probe from the NEXT spawn that places a cannon with it (so cannons are relatively rare). Also, non zerg structures cannot be built on creep, so a zerg player should be careful about his choice to spread creep or not.

Buildings last 4 minutes (twice as long as units), they build quickly (10 seconds?). They also add value for building-killers like reapers, banelings, voids and immortals.

Something similar was mentioned in another thread but I want to give it a rehash.

Players can build a T2 building called a tactical something-or-other. It costs about 300 minerals and is a bit different to the others. It has energy that can be spent on a set of abilities.

Abilities for all:
Scan [medium cost] (move the ability here instead of having it on the primary worker).

Target Painter: [low cost] Use on an enemy unit, every one of your units which can target it will do so. In particular you can use this to get rid of detection when you are using many cloaked units. All players can see when a unit has been painted.

Designate Leader: [medium cost] Use on one of your own units, all your faster units will match its speed until they engage a target.

Kite: [medium cost] Use on any group of ranged units, in the presence of enemies they will attack and move back until they reload, then attack again and move back, and so on. Very helpful when you want to move your last few ranged units behind some fresh reinforcements. Marines and Marauders will stim when this is used on them, unless they are already stimmed or stim is disabled. NOTE: If there are no enemies present, Kite does not do anything! this prevents it from being exploited to join up with your ally's force.

Abilities for Zerg:
Baneling Trap: [low cost] use on a group of banelings, they all burrow and wait until enemy units move over them to explode.
Burrow Trap: [high cost] Separate from Baneling trap: tells all other ground units to burrow and wait until enemies are close by. Note that mixing ranged and non ranged units will make this less effective. Maybe if one unit unburrows to attack it should trigger all of them to do so. This has a high cost because it allows you to make your force 'wait' for your ally.

Abilities for Terran:
Force Stim: [very low cost] use on a group of marines/marauders, they all stim immediately.
Force Siege: [high cost] use on a group of siege tanks, they all siege up immediately, and stay sieged for at least two seconds.

Abilities for Protoss:
Force-Field: [very low cost] use this on the battlefield, a nearby sentry with energy to spare will place a force-field there. If there is no sentry nearby, or no sentry has enough energy, nothing happens.
Aggressive Blink: [low cost] use on a group of stalkers, they will all blink ahead as far as they can.
Defensive Blink: [medium cost] use on a group of stalkers, they will all blink back as far as they can.

To give a sense of scale, suppose the tactical structure has 100 energy, I think high cost is 75, medium cost is 25, low cost is 10, and very low cost is 5. and it should probably take 120 seconds to generate 100 energy.
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Stuff I would like to see...
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