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 New Concept of Desert Strike

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PostSubject: New Concept of Desert Strike   Mon Sep 26, 2011 1:18 am

Sorry for my English, I dont know some words. I hope, you understand, what I want to say Smile There are some offers to improve Desert Strike.

1. Need to change unit set. Some units are useless - for example, overlord. But some unit are not represented - Lurker, Scourge, etc.

I offer next set for each race (with unique ability):

Terran, T1: Marine(Steampack_T1, Shield_T1), Marauder(Fugas_T1), Reaper(Accelerator_T1), Ghost(Cloak_T1, EMP_T2, Sniper Shoot_T1), Medic [instead of medivac] (Caduceus_T1);
Terran, T2: Predator [instead of Helion] (Splash Attack _T2), Tank (Siege_T3), Viking (Lift_T2), Raven (observer, no changes, but without seeker missile), Banshee (Cloack_T2, Seeker Missile_T2);
Terran, T3: Thor (Canon_T3), Battlecruiser (Reactor_T3, Yamato_T3), and Hero (Odin).

Zerg, T1: Zergling (Movement speed_T1, Adrenal Glandes_T2), Baneling (Movement speed_T1), Roach (Movement speed_T2, Burying_T2), Queen(Transfusion_T2, SpawnBrood_T3), Hydralisk (Add attack range_T2);
Zerg, T2: Overseer (observer, Movement Speed_T2, Creep_T2), Infestor (No changes), Scouge (Movement speed_T2), Lurker (Add +1 range_T2), Corruptor (Acid spores_T3)
Zerg, T3: Ultralisk (Armor_T3), Broodlord (Fury of Swarm_T3), Hero (Leviathan).

Protoss, T1: Zealot (Movement speed_T1), Stalker (Blink_T2), Sentinel (Hallucinate_T1), Phoenix (Lift Unit_T1), Dark Templar;
Protoss, T2: Observer (observer, Movement Speed_T2), Immortal, Void Ray (Accelerate for cannon_T3), High Templar (Haidarian Amulet_T2, Psi Storm_T2), Archont (Aftershock_T2);
Protoss, T3: Colossus (Add Range_T3), Carriers (Faster interceptors_T3), Hero (Mothership).

Detailed description of new ability.
Any Hero appear only when previous Hero of this player have die. Units spawn normally, but Hero always one. But on map could be Hero of three different players simultaneously Smile
Speed of Hero must be a little slower than average speed of unit, than Hero run behind mainly mass of unit.

Predator, Splash Attack. This is unit instead of Helion, with bonus to light, and it must use Splash attack.
Banshee, Seeker Missile. I suppose that Ravens no need so much abilities, and Seeker Missile more fit to Banshee than Raven. But not more two Missile.
Odin have Canon same as Thor and two weak Nucklear Bomb, with 150 dmg to ground and 100 to air.

Queen, Spawn Brood. Each Queen after death must spawn 4-6 Broodling same as Brood Lord.
Overseer, Creep. Function of Overlord from old map.
Corruptor, Acid Spores. This ability use by default now, but it need to research on T3. It too strong for T2.
Brood Lord, Fury of Swarm. After this upgrade Brood Lord attack two Broodling instead of one.
Leviathan have 4 Mycos same as Infestor, and salvo of Scourge (16 unit).

Phoenix, Lift unit. Now use by default, but need to research.
Archont, Aftershock. This ability activated when Archont die, and do Splash damage with small radius to all nearby units.
Mothership have two Vortex and Mass Cloak.

2. Start money must be 500 instead of 250.
3. T2 must be allowed after 3 minutes when starting game.
4. Wall is useless, because players, who going for zerglings or marines cant do it really MASS. Tech - expensive, power, not many quantity. Meet - cheap, but mass. As Tech as Meet must be same power.
5. Change Picture from Load Screen. For example:
6. Add second line of Cannon. First line - one Cannon, second line - two Cannon, strongly +30%. And add power and life to Fortress, 20 Marines kill it from two waves!!! Rofl.

Thats all I have to say. I will very glad, if you use any my ideas.

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New Concept of Desert Strike
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