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Editor (Coder)
Editor (Coder)

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PostSubject: Suggestions   Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:58 am

Just simple suggestions (like -nerf <bla> because <blub> thats totally imba !).

Will be used to improve the DS1338 soon.

No discussions (posts will be deleted and you will recieve a warning for each of those posts ~ multiple warnings = bad for you Razz).
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Quality Poster
Quality Poster

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Wed Sep 21, 2011 9:45 am

Here comes my new overview of the current situation:

-buff: Zealot cost: 95->90; Reason: P early game blows, Zealot based strategies cannot keep up with T or Z starters
-nerf: Carrier damage upgrade: +1 -> +0.5; Reason: 3/3 carriers in numbers kill everything too fast
-buff: Protoss air atk/armor upgrade cost: 175-250-325 -> 150-200-250; Reason: P air is too expensive to upgrade
-nerf: Shield upgrade cost: 150-200-250 -> 175-225-300; Reason: universal upgrade, affects a lot of units
-buff: Archon cost: 340 -> 330; Reason: Protoss T2 needs to be able to keep up with zerg
-buff: HT storm cooldown: 20 sec -> 12 sec; Reason: still the weakest caster
-buff/AI change: Phoenixes should ignore ground targets, only stop when they channel the graviton beam; Reaspn: Toss lacks pure AA unit. Actually you could make VRs priorize air units as well, if it's possible.
-thorough change: Dark Templar cost: 200 -> 150, Damage: 45+5/upg -> 40+3/upg, add Charge ability; Reason: as of now it is useless after any detection. The role i propose for it is kind of a DPS dealer for toss, damage is lowered to avoid marine one-shottage

-nerf: Infantry armor/atk upgrades: 100-125-175 -> 125-150-200; Reason: too cheap for the amount of DPS they deliver
-buff: hellion: upgrade: stay on +10 damage despite the patch, cost: 150 -> 100, Health: 90 -> 100 (like in campaign)
(-buff/bugfix: fix Marauder's conc grenade, this offsets proposed zealot buff)
-buff: Viking: cost 190 -> 180; Reason: very easy to kill, and not efficient enough
-nerf: Yamato damage: 300 -> 175 (should not one-shot corruptors), enable it to shoot on VRs as well, lower energy cost
-buff: Semi-useless upgrades: Medivac Energy, Auto-Turret Range cost: w/e -> 50
-nerf: reaper building damage: 30 -> 25; Reason: kills cannon too quickly - BTW current reaper cost is perfect, good for zealot/zergling hunting, actually counters pure marines as well

-nerf: FG damage: (current patch nerfed it to 30+10 vs armor) -> 24+8vs armor (7.5+2.5 DPS -> 6+2 DPS), root -> 50% slow; Reason: by far the most powerful spell, instantly kills Terran and damages Toss too much as well, makes melee units useless, has larger damage on armor than storm, and besides all AOE abilities are on half damage here except this (like Storm 80->40, EMP 100->50, Seeker Missile 100->50); also you can then reduce the upgrade cost to 150.
-nerf: make broodlings untargetable (this is actually a DPS buff for BL-s); Reason: almost impossible to counter with toss (no proper AA, units get stuck up on broodlings, and they don't have the efficient smart aim of Terran units)
-buff: mutalisk cost: 125 -> 115; Reason: a bit too weak and easy to counter
-buff/nerf: baneling: cost: 130 -> 125, damage: 20+15 -> 25+15, AOE rings: 0.75: 100%, 1.5: 66%, 2.2: 33%; Reason: too good vs T infantry, too weak vs Toss
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Active Member

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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   Thu Sep 22, 2011 1:24 am

I agree with most of your suggestions. Some of them need some field practice to see how they work out. I suggest that people take a very close look at these suggestions.
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PostSubject: AFK   Sat Mar 17, 2012 8:30 pm

Hi there!

I played a lot this map, nice work boys!
Also there was a lot AFK players in games with low amount, or no units, so we lost the game couple of times. AFK player had 3 000-10 000 minerals already. My suggestion here is to auto-kick players after 40 second if they reach 2 000 minerals. That's enough for 3 most expensive unit...

Ty for reading! have a nice day! Smile

PS: Currenty leaving player's units disappear from the map, this can be flustrating for remaining team members, if the leaver's units fought with the opposing army, and then... let the whole army marching toward the base without any defense. Suggestion: maybe trigger should take buildings only, not every unit.
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PostSubject: Re: Suggestions   

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