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 List of Counters

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PostSubject: List of Counters   Fri Sep 16, 2011 4:57 am

Aim of this topic is to have a full list of units and their counters. This should help players to better understand the game, as well as developers to find a good balance.
I'll start with what comes to my mind for now, I can add you suggestions if you comment.

Important note: this will only work for mono armies. As soon as the enemy has some diversity in units in battle, this list won't apply anymore.
More information:

A - B, C, D
mass A can be countered with some B, C or D

Marines - Banelings, Infestors (Fungal Growth), High Templar, Collosei, Ravens (with bomb) [basicly all splash damage is good]
Ravens - Corruptors, Vikings, Ghosts, Thors
Battle Cruisers - Corruptors, Vikings, Hydralisks, Stalkers, Marines

Zerglings - see Marines
Banelings - Ravens (cannon holds pretty good against them)

Archons - Ghost (with EMP)
Void Rays - Thors, Vikings, Corruptors

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List of Counters
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