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 DS1338 League Questions

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PostSubject: DS1338 League Questions   Thu Aug 11, 2011 1:21 am

Hello DS1338-community,

me and my clan are very fond of your custom map.
We are currently running a clan-internal 1v1 fun-league.

First of all, we would really like to see an option to spectate games, is there any such possibility, as we have found no way of spectating a game.

Second: I am thinking about opening up the clan-internal league to non-clan-members in the next season which will start in mid-september. I would not like to do that if the creators of the map rather don't want me to do that, so I am looking for a kind of "approval" here.

Best regards,
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Editor (Data-Blancing)
Editor (Data-Blancing)

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PostSubject: Re: DS1338 League Questions   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:40 pm

Ill talk to arkless about enableing spectators Wink
How far i unterstood, the spectator option is not able to be activated in custome games
(trouble with lobby +problems with our team trigger)

Neverthe less we may be able to write our own trigger for that
But we may want handle some other things first

Sure u can do whatever u want with our map (as long u dont steel it^^), we could post a link to your page in our forum too

hf Sylon x)

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DS1338 League Questions
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