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 Counters and Combos

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PostSubject: Counters and Combos   Fri Jul 15, 2011 11:39 pm

So some of u guis (2 of you Very Happy) post on my last topic to make this BUT !!!!!! you may not agree with smth that i write only because i dont know the Counters Very Happy this will be more like combos ...
1st Mass BattleCruiser - ive incounterd many players playing with mass cruisers.... so i play with protoss most of the time so at the beggining i counter theem with stalkers... after that i make mass carrier - i personally think that this is the best counter because (of course carriers maxed out) ... i dont know i just win like that Very Happy
But if you play with zerg make half corruptors and half infestors with 3 atk and Fungle Growth + their other ability (i dont know its name) so that they atk themselfs with yamato Canon Very Happy
and if with marines....i acttually dont know other than Vikings .... leave sugestions down below for terran cuz i play random
you know what to do when the enemy is making mass Archon and your with terran (for those that dont know make ghosts Smile ) But if ur protoss and enemy is making Archons make more immortals or zealots + little stalkers + many Colossuss Smile the zealots are many and they attrack the Archons atk while the stalkers and colossusses Kill them all (actualy make more stalkers in case the enemy make for example phoenix or vikings for the colossusses)
And if ur zerg and the enemy is making Archons make Ulralisks or Many Roaches + Hydras and if u want some zerglings to atrack their atk....
Ok the Mass Carrier... in my personal opinion the most hard blocking thing in the game and what i do if i see that protoss isnt doin anything for a LOONG time i scan and if i se that he hasnt build anything that means mass carrier or collosuss and if im with protoss it almmost inpossable to block... only thing that i thing you can do is to make carriers too.. or mass archon .. but i havnt try the thats it Smile hope all of this help and good luck have fuv Very Happy
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Counters and Combos
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